Savannah Knightly: Romance Author in Training

I’m a thirty-something single woman, and I spend most of my time at work or playing with cats. Or I did until I started writing again. Now, writing romance novels is taking a big chunk of my schedule.

I am writing this blog and the books under the name Savannah Knightly because, well, I want to write steamy romance novels (not the boring ones), but I have a loooot of very conservative relatives and acquaintances who would have a plethora of very annoying questions, comments, and judgments about that.

I mean, if they find out, I’ll deal with it (knock on wood), but I’d really rather skip the whole drama. Hence, the nom de plume.

So apologies in advance for calling myself Savannah, SK, etc. I promise that all my posts about my writing experience will be true except for that one detail. Crossed fingers, you’ll forgive me and like my writing anyway!