Depression & Anxiety: A Heavy Fog Split by Lightning

Having depression and anxiety hit at the same time is like trudging through a heavy fog split by lightning. Only the fog is physically heavy as well as thick, and the lightning strikes you each time, sending roaring energy through you to the ground. Casting your nerves and mind into a jittering frenzy and leaving you exhausted and less able to fight the omnipresent fog once the lightning has passed.

One of many results is a constant state where emotional and physical exhaustion blur together. Depression drags at you and makes it harder to be active. Anxiety misleads your energies, leading you in unproductive thought circles and keeping you from sleep.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to summarize it, but all my bewildered brain will return is, “It sucks.” Truth, but not particularly useful. Perhaps, I’ll try again when the storm passes.

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