I’m Going to Write a Book by June 30th

I’m tired of reading posts about all the wonderful projects everyone else is completing during the pandemic when I’ve done nothing. With all the hours I’m not socializing or traveling right now, I should have plenty of time to write!

And I’ve had the idea for a series of paranormal romance novels for years now. I even worked on one of them a few years ago, but then, I got busy and stopped writing.

Whenever I think about those books, I think, “Someday I’ll finish that.” But if I learned anything this year, it’s that someday’s no good. My someday could end before I get there, so it’s time to stop waiting. Either I write it now, or I give up and stop talking about it.

My goal is to write a full romance novel by June 30th. Ambitious? Yes. Too ambitious? I guess I’ll find out. But I’ll need the pressure if I’m gonna get my butt in gear.

So here goes. Wish me luck!

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