Running Away and Starting Over

I occasionally fantasize about running away and starting over. New place, new people, new everything. I guess I watched too many Westerns as a kid, too many stories about settlers packing up what little they could carry and starting a completely new and different life.

I’ll never actually do it. You hear stories of people cutting all ties with friends and family and making a new life for themselves, but I honestly can’t picture myself doing that. My family’s too good at guilt for that to work for me.

There’s one other problem with it, too. “New everything” isn’t really true, is it? I’d still be the same me. Different surroundings wouldn’t change that – not that much.

But it’s ok to fantasize about it from time to time. I think I would head for a forest or a mountain. Maybe somewhere in Europe or where it’s a little warmer. Bringing only my books with me (I wouldn’t have been a good settler…).

Do you imagine running away? Where would you go?

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