Allergies: Of Breathing & Train Whistles

woman sneezing into a tissue in front of flowers

For some reason, my allergies spiked this weekend. Stuffy head, fuzzy brain, and some sneezing. The usual trio. What’s unusual is that when I breathe in (not out), it sounds like a train whistle.

Ok, ok. Half of one: “wooo” instead of “wooo wooo.” Unless I breath in twice relatively quickly (and, no).

It doesn’t make any noise when I breathe out though – or no unusual ones. Just air flowing like normal. Then, I breathe in and check for a passing train.

I know this isn’t the typical allergy complaint. Everyone I know with allergies loves to complain about them, and, really, that’s understandable. Dealing with headaches, sneezes, coughing, itching, and runny noses (or blocked ones) just because of some flowers and trees is justifiably irritating.

So why am I complaining about the whistle effect instead of everything else? While this may sound silly, I’m kinda used to the rest of it. It’s annoying, but it’s normal. That’s how allergies work. I’ve used up my allotted complaints about that (or so my family tells me). My nose sounding like a train whistle, though, is new and strange, and, well, it bothers me. Or at least distracts me.

I keep wondering if anyone else can hear it or if it’s one of those sounds that are more vibrations through your bones to your ears (or however that works – I’m neither a doctor nor a scientist). Since there’s no one here for me to ask, I mostly ignore it. Ok. I ignore it until I get distracted by the sound and cycle through the thought process again.

Now, I’m waiting for the decongestant to kick in and hoping it goes away soon. Mondays are hard enough to slog through without a train for a nose!

3 thoughts on “Allergies: Of Breathing & Train Whistles

  1. All I can say about allergies and trains is that when i was in my late teens I used to have blocked ears, i.e. blocked eustachian tubes and whenever I was on a train that plunged into a tunnel. Wow! Almost blew my ear drums out. And just when they were recovering, my poor ears would get popped yet again by another tunnel. Horrible. The only thing that worked, by the way, was Sudafed pseudoephedrine I believe it was. It really did work. Anyway as time went on the hayfever or whatever it was got less and less and now I don’t get it any more. I’m 194 now!

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