When This Show’s Over

hand pointing a remote control at a television

One of the biggest downsides to working with background noise for me is that I have a real problem with turning the background noise off mid-song or mid-show. So when I’ve finished the work I need to do in that room, I find myself waiting to go on to the next task in the next room until the noise is finished. “I’ll do it when this song’s over.” Or worse – “I’ll do it when this show’s over.”

It’s great for procrastination but not so great for productivity. Unless, that is, everything I need to do is in the same room. Then, it’s not a problem.

When I’ve really done everything I should in the room, though, and have tasks waiting in other rooms, lingering in the room while the show plays out is pretty silly. Especially since I’ve seen and heard the show many times before – if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be able to use it as background noise.

But even knowing that the sensible thing to do is turn the show off and go work on the next problem, I still have trouble doing it. Part of me simply resists stopping something before it’s finished (Must wait til it’s over.).

If I had the same type of player in each room, I could take the show with me. That sounds incredibly extravagant though. Maybe I should just get a media cart like they use to have in school. Then, I could wheel my background movie to the next room and continue.

tube tv on a metal cart with a vcr
That sure brings back memories – “Movie time, children!”

Or I could keep trying to force myself to press “stop” instead. Yeah. I should probably just do that. 😂

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