Full Size Blankets Are Irritating

woman curled up in a blanket

If you assumed this would be a rant, you’re right. If you assumed this would be a rant on a frivolous, even stupid subject, you’re still right. But, come on, full size blankets are irritating.

They’re almost square but not quite. And the difference is so minuscule in comparison to the overall size that the only way to tell the which side is longer is to fold a corner like you’re trying to make a triangle. Which means it shouldn’t matter which side is which, right?

In a way, that’s true. It doesn’t matter because, no matter which side you pick, it feels like the wrong side. I thought the width would be plenty – roll over without baring skin to cold air, right? First off, it doesn’t really work that way. Dunno why. Somehow, you always roll farther than the blanket that’s left. Second, I did not calculated that the likeness of width to length would aggravate my OCD.

*Lays down under blanket. Stares. Turns blanket one quarter. Stares. Repeat ad infinitum.*

I’m sure most people never even notice. Those of us with irritatingly detail-oriented brains, however, go crazy trying to get it turned right.

TL;DR – if you have a brain like mine, don’t get a full size blanket. You’ll drive yourself nuts.

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