Getting out of a Warm Bed on a Cold Day

Mondays are hard enough to face anyway, but getting out of a warm bed on a cold day makes the struggle even harder. You feel that chill nipping your nose while your blankets surround you with a warm hug, and your subconscious mind starts whispering, “Go back to sleep.”

You know, in the same soothing, sing-song tone of someone doing hypnosis.

I’m starting to think that when you ignore the voice and force yourself out of bed, your subconscious gets pissed off and stays pissed off at you for hours. So your body and brain don’t work together quite right because they don’t agree with your decision. You go through your day swimming upstream, but if at any point, you were to decide to give up and go back to bed, your body and subconscious would suddenly be working with you again. “Yes! Finally!”

Oh, well. I’ll try to lure mine into compliance with a hot drink and a warm sweater.

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