Making Progress on Book 1!

52,036 words and counting: BNM (working title) is starting to take off. Sure, some days, the words write themselves, and some days, I have to pry them out with a crowbar. But they’re coming, and it’s amazingly satisfying to see the characters and the story taking shape.

I’ve never written anything that merged magic with the modern world before, and I had no idea how much fun that could be. So many wonders and worries from the real world mesh perfectly with the introduction of magic, which means I get to ask and answer all kinds of interesting questions:

  • Can magic and tech work together? Or are they like my aunt and computers? (See: “train wreck”)
  • How does being psychic work? Communing with the other side? Reading the stars? Or something yet more interesting? Can technology or other magic interfere?
  • What would the modern version of a hedge witch be?
  • If something caused an evolution of “magical” powers to start to appear within the last 20 years, how would people react? How would traditional stories influence the names and attitudes towards those abilities?

And loads more. It’s been a blast! Especially when you add romance to the mix. 😉

If it can keep being a blast for another 20,000 to 50,000 words, I’ll be golden (Knock on wood!). Either way, I’ll keep you posted. Now, back to the fray!

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