The Best Parts of Making Up Sayings for Worldbuilding

I really enjoy making up sayings for worldbuilding. But there are three aspects of it that are especially fun. What I Love about Creating Colloquialisms for My Book 1. Designing the Evolution of the Original Meaning Sayings change as culture changes. Either words get replaced by similar sounding words because the phrase is heard rather … More The Best Parts of Making Up Sayings for Worldbuilding

Writing Lying Down

Have you ever tried writing lying down? Lying on your back with a laptop on your stomach or chest and typing away? It’s not very practical or efficient, is it? Lying on your stomach isn’t much better. You end up kind of doing a back bend upwards to see the screen. Plus, you have to … More Writing Lying Down

Writing in Silence

I know, I know. It’s not usually my thing, but I’m having trouble focusing this week. And when I can’t focus, I can’t write to my normal background noise. You know – stand up comedians, Studio Ghibli, broadway, etc. Right now, even wordless music is too much. I start paying attention to it instead of … More Writing in Silence

Deadline Pressure

I thought deadline pressure would be a good thing (motivating me to finish the book). Now, I’m not so sure. Perhaps, it’s only because my anxiety is extraordinarily high at the moment anyway, but the closer I get to my deadline, the more I worry I’m not going to make it. Which is ridiculous, honestly, … More Deadline Pressure