Writing in Silence

woman with her finger to her lips to indicate that silence is desired

I know, I know. It’s not usually my thing, but I’m having trouble focusing this week. And when I can’t focus, I can’t write to my normal background noise.

You know – stand up comedians, Studio Ghibli, broadway, etc. Right now, even wordless music is too much. I start paying attention to it instead of the story.

So I turned it all off. Removed all removable distractions (looking at you, phone).

My focus still isn’t great. I’m still easily distracted and not making the fastest progress ever. But I am able to write. I am making some progress. And that’s a win.

I do look forward to getting my normal focus back and turning the background noise back on, though. No, I mean, I really am very much looking forward to it. Writing in silence is ok every once in a while (this isn’t the first time I’ve had to). Still, it never feels quite right. I’m much happier with my usual routine.

Let’s hope it comes back soon.

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