Writing to Sarah Millican

You might assume Sarah Millican is a singer. Nope. She’s a stand-up comedian who is down-to-earth, dirty, and frickin’ hilarious. And, no, I’m not writing her a letter. I’m writing a book while listening to her shows.

A SFW Sarah Millican Sample

Here’s a sample. This one’s clean so that I don’t violate WordPress’ standards. That said, it is one of two clean snippets I found of her. So, no, she is definitely not safe for work. Which means that if you’re under 18 or 21 (depending on the region), wait a few years before you look up more videos!

That’s one of her earlier videos, and the new ones are even funnier. Partly because of years of practice and partly because she’s not censoring herself nearly as much!

Another facet of her work that makes it unique is how she involves the audience. Plenty of standup comedians ask the audience questions, but they don’t actually want or take answers. She does, and it not only adds to the comedy, it makes the performance a fascinating social study, as well.

Writing While Listening to Stuff with Words

When it comes to writing, most of the time, I listen to music in the background. With words more often than not, and I’ve had several people be really shocked that I could write while listening to something with words.

“How do you keep from getting distracted?”

That happens sometimes. Sometimes, I end up writing the words I hear (which is why I can’t type and talk at the same time – not if I’m saying something different from what I’m writing). Anyway, when I find myself getting distracted by the words, I listen to television and movie soundtracks. Animes especially have great soundtracks, and then, even if it has words, I usually can’t understand it.

If I’ve heard the standup or the movie many times, though, I don’t really get distracted by it. It’s just background noise, you know?

Well, I’ve heard some of Sarah Millican’s standup a lot. Far too much in all probability (I tend to stick a dvd in and hit play again when it’s done. *embarrassed shrug*). So I have no trouble working with it in the background.

And when I do tune in to what she’s saying, I get to laugh. So it’s a win-win!

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