Scenes You Don’t Want to Write

You ever have scenes you don’t want to write? Or, at the very least, you don’t want to write today? I’ve reached one of those. It’s an argument (and you know how I struggle with writing arguments).

So I skipped it. 😅 I worked on another scene instead of going chronologically. Blame it on Monday, but I just didn’t feel up to writing that particular scene today – Bad me!

Well, maybe, not completely bad because I did write. But still… *sigh*

I feel like a kid putting off math homework or a report or something to the last minute. It does not feel like the act of a responsible adult.

On the plus side, the guilt from feeling irresponsible will probably force me to work on it tomorrow. I plan to tell myself it’s like ripping off a bandaid – do it fast, and get it over with.

I really hope that other writers have scenes like this, too. But if so, maybe, you should tell me after I write the scene. Let’s not nix out that motivating guilt too quickly. 😋

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