Overtime Is Overwhelming

Sorry for missing the post yesterday! I ended up working some unexpected overtime, and I just have to say that I don’t know how people who do it on a regular basis deal with it.

Seriously, how do they have any kind of life?

60 hour work weeks (even 50 hour work weeks) leave so few openings for anything other than food, rest, and, well, work. My brain gets so focused on work that even in the rare times that it has, well, time to think about something else, it can’t.

And if they’re in a relationship, it would be even worse. Finding time to be with your partner would be hard enough – forget having friends, too!

Actually, that’d be an interesting twist for a romance novel. Getting fired or getting hours cut to normal and defining the relationship all over again. Then, again, that might be more straight fiction than romance novel.


TL;DR – back to normal posting next week (and 🤞 regular work hours!). Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Mothers’ Day!

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