Is the Quarantine Fifteen a Thing?

a bright blue plate with the words weight gain spelled on it in Scrabble tiles
Such a depressing image…

I almost called it the COVID 15, but that’s wrong. If you actually had COVID, you probably lost weight (at best). It’s the people who were fairly healthy but sat on their duffs for a year that got the Quarantine Fifteen.

For anyone looking at me like I’m nuts and completely making stuff up,

  1. Of course, I’m nuts. It’s 2021.
  2. I’m not completely making it up. I’m modifying a common slang phrase in the U.S. – “The Freshman 15” is where kids go to college and have freedom over what they eat for the first time (usually thanks to a meal plan). Aaand they gain 15 pounds.

As businesses get ready to go back to in-person work, a lot of us are finding ourselves with a similar issue. Never mind that we’ve forgotten how to get dressed for work (How the hell do earrings work, anyway? My fingers 100% do not remember.). No, we have bigger issues. We don’t fit in our work clothes anymore.

I don’t think I made it to the full fifteen. I might be more at the Quarantine Five. Which actually sounds like a band name…

Thanks for that distraction, brain.

Anyway, if you’re getting ready to go back to work and find that your clothes are a bit too tight in the wrong places, know that you are not alone!

We’re all a bit of a hot mess at this point, so don’t stress too much (Let’s be real: stressing about it will make you eat more…). Let’s just focus on getting back into shape – slowly. Remember that diving in quickly can hurt. Literally.

If you have any helpful or constructive suggestions, please, share. No body shaming or insults, please!

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