Writing Hours: Are Yours the Same All Year?

I’m debating switching my writing hours up for the summer. Why? Well, there’s all this sunlight that wasn’t there before. 😋

Smart-aleckery aside, that is actually the reason. I started keeping regular writing hours last winter. As such, it made sense to work early in the morning. I could avoid distractions, and if it meant going to bed a little early, who cares? It’s not like I had a lot of social events messing up my sleep schedule (It was 2020…).

Now, there’s sunlight not only in that early morning (which is kinda nice) but also at the point where I’d go to bed (which is not so nice). Ideally, I’d like to shift both back a little – get up a little later and write for the same amount of time. Then, eventually, go to bed a little later.

Unfortunately, there’s this thing called “work,” and its hours don’t change with the sunlight. So that shift would not work (boo!).

I’m thinking of trying to work after work, but even saying it makes me tired. It’s a lot easier to work after an hour of writing than it is to write after 8 or more hours of working! Which is why I switched to mornings in the first place.

Maybe, I just need to get a sleep mask. Or blackout curtains. 🤔 I don’t know. What do you guys do? Keep to regular writing hours, shift them with the season, or write whenever?

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