What Happens After I Finish the First Draft?

As my deadline gets closer, I find myself asking 2 questions: 1. Am I really going to be able to finish by the end of June? and 2. What happens after I finish the first draft? Then, what?

I guess, technically, that’s 2.5 questions…, and, FYI, I’ve decided that the answer to question #1 is “Yes. Or else.” I’m not quite sure what I’m threatening myself with, but there you go.

The short answer to the remaining question(s) is, “I don’t know.”

I mean, I’m sure there will be editing (I know it’ll definitely need some work – it’s just a first draft. A first first draft for that matter.), but I’ve never published a book before. I have only the vaguest idea of how the ebook business works.

So… I suppose that makes research next. Unless I have time to tackle that as I finish, which seems unlikely. It might be tight to get it done at all, so adding in research probably won’t happen.

That means once I finish (no ifs for that), I’ll work on editing the draft and researching the publishing process. Probably make some lists (you know how I feel about lists…), and essentially figure out what the steps will be after that.

Honestly, I’m more nervous about that part than I am about writing. I understand writing. Yes, I have lots to learn, but I have a strong foundation. I don’t have much of a foundation at all at business, so figuring out how to tackle that is much more intimidating.

Yet another reason to focus on my writing and my deadline. *cracks metaphorical knuckles* Time to get back to work.

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