Going to 1 Post a Week Until June 30th

Bronze paddington bear statue with the test "Bear with us"
Well, me

Hi, Everyone! Yes, you read that right. I’m cutting down to 1 post a week until I either hit or miss my goal. I was hoping that I’d be able to make it through without doing this, but I just got shifted to a different position at work that’s going to take some overtime to catch-up on.

Well, extra hours. I don’t get paid extra for overtime (the one downside of being salaried). But the higher ups do notice when you’re dedicated enough to work extra, and that can help with bonuses and possible raises. Since I definitely want them to think I’m useful enough to get a raise next year, I’m willing to put in the extra time.

And it won’t be forever. If not for depression, I would have made better progress on the book. In fact, I’d be making better progress each time I write, and I wouldn’t have to cut some things to try to keep to my goal (It’s a little like trying to do everything through a wall of Jello. Everything gets slowed down.). I’m not entirely behind (it could be worse), but I’m not ahead either, which is where I’d like to be.

TL;DR – I’m working extra hours for my job and focusing all my off-hours on my romance novel, Born Not Made (Draft title), so that I can finish by June 30th. The blog will resume MWF posts after that.

Thanks for reading!

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