Writing Hours: Are Yours the Same All Year?

I’m debating switching my writing hours up for the summer. Why? Well, there’s all this sunlight that wasn’t there before. 😋 Smart-aleckery aside, that is actually the reason. I started keeping regular writing hours last winter. As such, it made sense to work early in the morning. I could avoid distractions, and if it meant … More Writing Hours: Are Yours the Same All Year?

Keeping Depression from Driving

Depression isn’t satisfied with riding shotgun, and while it’s one of the worst back-seat-drivers I’ve ever encountered, that’s still better from letting it have the wheel. Unfortunately, keeping depression from driving isn’t easy. 8 Tactics to Control or Reduce Depression (for Me) I haven’t found any long-term solutions so far (nothing that cures it forever … More Keeping Depression from Driving