Double or Nothing

a hand tossing 2 dice above a spiraling staircase

After a long while (or what feels like a long while) debating what to do now that I’ve failed my goal of finishing my novel by June 30th, I’ve come to a decision: I’m going for double or nothing.

Wait. What does that even mean?

Well, I started this blog and the goal in February, which means I gave myself 4 months to complete the first draft of Born, Not Made. To double my bet, I’m going to give myself another 4 months. That makes my new goal October 30th.

So if I succeed, I can take October 31st to celebrate. 😝

It feels a bit cheap (I failed, so I’ll just extend the deadline…), but, then again, maybe 4 months was too ambitious to begin with. It certainly sounds that way now…

In any case, my goal is to finish the first draft by October 30th, and, this time, I’m going to succeed!

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