Writing in Silence

I know, I know. It’s not usually my thing, but I’m having trouble focusing this week. And when I can’t focus, I can’t write to my normal background noise. You know – stand up comedians, Studio Ghibli, broadway, etc. Right now, even wordless music is too much. I start paying attention to it instead of … More Writing in Silence

Strange Dreams: Shadowy Puppet Masters

That annoying, malevolent sound that shoves you abruptly from sleep is generally the enemy. After a night of strange dreams, however, it’s almost welcome. Like the sound of a rescue party or a cell door opening. After the rude start to consciousness, those strange, disturbing dreams quickly fade, leaving vague impressions and an unsettled feeling. … More Strange Dreams: Shadowy Puppet Masters

Taking a Risk with Self-Help Books: The Depression Project

Self-help books are such a huge industry that it’s hard to see them as anything but a money-making ploy. Partially because so many of them are bad. Really bad. To the point where buying self-help books always feels like taking a risk. Like there’s 90% chance I’m throwing my money away. Or higher. But there … More Taking a Risk with Self-Help Books: The Depression Project