Telehealth Visits Are Weird

Anyone else done any telehealth visits since Covid started? They’re kinda weird, aren’t they? Weird and awkward.

First off, not all doctors are particularly tech-savvy, so there can be some interesting glitches in getting everyone logged in and visible. But, actually, that’s kind of the normal part, as I’ve come to expect a couple hiccups or spans of waiting before actually getting in to see the doctor.

Weird part number one is the pre-visit questionnaire. Suddenly, you’re the nurse, and you’re supposed to take your own vitals. Height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, etc. I don’t know about you, but I don’t even have a way to take my blood pressure at home. So those are mostly left blank, and I’m left feeling moderately guilty. Like I should apologize for not being a very good nurse (illogical, but what can you do?).

The weirdness continues as the meeting starts because through the medium of the video chat, you have 2 options: stare at an extra large version of the doctor’s face or look off-screen. Now, I’m a big believer in eye contact. When I’m talking to someone, I almost always look at their face unless you’re both doing something else at the same time like driving or moving furniture or something. That said, a lot of a normal doctor’s visit is them staring at their screen taking notes or moving around you examining things. You honestly don’t spend a lot of it staring into each other’s faces.

Which, of course, I never thought of or realized until televisits started.

So the format makes what is normally a little uncomfortable (doctors visits usually have at least a small level of awkward, right?) and makes it a little more uncomfortable and weird.

There are positives, though. Scheduling convenience (not having to add driving and waiting-room time) and less Covid risk, of course. So I’m grateful we have the option right now.

But it’s still weird. :p

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