Do Your Fingers Have Off Days?

That sounds like a loaded question, but I’m talking about typing. Do your fingers have off days where they can’t seem to type anything right? Everything’s jumbled, and you have to go back over and over to fix spelling.

When I have those days, it gets frustrating fast simply because it isn’t normal. My fingers usually do quite well at typing what I tell them to type. Some mistakes, yes, but not as many as the bad days.

And being the type with an overactive imagination, I start to wonder if it’s the fingers themselves that are tired. Maybe they didn’t sleep well last night (I wouldn’t know – I was asleep). Or did I type too much the day before and wear them out?

Of course, I’m also fairly realistic, so I also wonder if it’s the fingers that are tired or the brain. Are the fingers missing their shots, or is the brain sending mixed messages. Maybe getting the order wrong in the keys it says to hit. If the fingers aren’t sending pain and soreness messages, the brain is a more likely culprit, isn’t it?

After all, if the fingers had minds and lives of their own, 1. that would be terrifying, and 2. they’d probably revolt at what I’m writing about them.

So if it’s the brain, what makes it work fine some days and not others? Especially when you’ve gotten similar amounts of sleep and whatnot. Can your subconscious rebel against what you’re writing and try to sabotage you?

I hope not. And I’m not going to think too far on any of those tracks, or I’ll find myself writing an excessively strange horror story involving fingers and brains.

But I will say that while I don’t get as much done on those off-days, and it does get frustrating, I’m glad those are the exception rather than the rule.

What do you do when your fingers won’t type what you want? Keep at it, cursing and fixing it? Wave the white flag and give up for the day? Try to bribe them with massage? If anyone’s found an actual solution, let me know because I definitely haven’t. 😩

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