Losing Sleep Affects So Much

I didn’t get much sleep last night, and I feel like it’s derailing my entire week – losing sleep affects so much! My brain is so off-kilter. 🥴 Like I’m playing catch-up or always a step behind, and that feeling lingers like a bad cold until I get a few full nights’ sleep under my belt.

You know what a hangover feels like? (Traditional symptoms: headache, nausea, slow brain, and draggy body) That’s what I feel like after missing most or all of a night of sleep. I do not know how people with insomnia do it. I would not survive.

Besides being late posting (hurray for lunch breaks), I’m also getting so much less done. Everything takes twice as long. Or more. Like I’m swimming through molasses or something. Picture the sloths from Zootopia. My brain simply is not working right.

And why did I lose sleep? Anxiety. Well, that’s my best guess. Every so often, right as I’m drifting off, I get a surge of anxiety-driven adrenaline (often for no fathomable reason). That’s what happened last night, and it took several hours to wind down enough to actually get to sleep. Like I wasn’t tired enough already.

So my brain is not working right today because my brain didn’t work right in a different way last night. Ironic, huh?

Let’s hope that it doesn’t happen again. If I get good sleep tonight and tomorrow, I might be able to write a more intelligible post for Wednesday (no promises).

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