The Best Way to Get Someone to Talk to You

When it comes to getting someone to talk to you, I swear that people are like cats. The more you appear to be ignoring them or not wanting to interact with them, the more they want to talk to you.

This week, I haven’t wanted to talk to anyone (Depression hits me like that), and work has been crazy busy, too. Which just makes me less productive outside of that, but oh well.

Being in that “go away” mode all week has made it very obvious to me that there are some very reliable ways to get someone to talk to you. Some require being present in the same room, and others don’t. For the people who manage it from other houses or other states, I don’t know how they know, but they clearly do.

People Will Want to Talk to You If…

Your Mouth Is Full

Whether you’re sitting next to someone, or you have a chat open, if you take a bite of food, somebody’s going to need to talk to you. And not just chat. They’re going to want to call.

If they’re sitting next to you, it’ll be any time you took an extra big bite or one with something you have to chew for a while. You know, the most inconvenient time to put you on the spot.

You’re Working Very Hard on Something

If you want someone to talk to you, sit down and start typing on a computer. Focus entirely on the screen and work really hard.

I give it 5 minutes tops before someone interrupts.

It’ll be even faster if you’re trying to do something that requires extreme concentration. Doing all the payroll today? Everyone and his brother will need you for something or other.

You’re in a Rush

Got 2 minutes to grab your coffee and get out the door? Sounds like the perfect time to chat with you. Running out of your office to hit the bathroom and then run back to your meeting? Time to tell you a story from yesterday that I forgot to share.

You Need Alone Time

Introverts know what I’m talking about. Sometimes, you just need some time away from other people. To recharge, to calm down, or even to relax completely.

I wish I was joking, but I swear that the more you need to not talk to anyone, the more they’ll try to talk to you.

Conclusion: People Are Cats

It’s not just my imagination or that mental phenomenon where you notice things more because you’re thinking about it. I’ve paid attention over time, and people who hardly say, “Boo” to you will start a conversation under these circumstances.

The obvious conclusion is that people are cats – perfectly happy to ignore you until they think you’re ignoring them. Or until paying attention to you causes you an appropriate amount of frustration and aggravation.

Of course, that means that deliberately doing any of these things to get someone to talk to you won’t work, will it?

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