Exhaustion: Depression or Something Else?

I’m really struggling to wake up lately. And to stay awake afterward. I don’t know if it’s depression or something else (are there illnesses that only have exhaustion as a symptom?).

When I get up, it’s like moving through a fog or wearing weights. Like every motion is extra hard to complete, and I have no energy. And just waking up is at least 20 times harder than usual.

Once I am awake, there’s no real guarantee that I’ll stay that way. If I sit down on the couch for a few minutes to watch something, I may wake up hours later. Which is very disturbing. Luckily, my work seat isn’t quite comfortable enough for sleep – if I went out, I’d probably fall off almost immediately and wake up.

But while I’ve been tired before, this level of exhaustion is very strange. Especially since there’s no obvious cause. I didn’t stay up late or lose sleep or anything like that.

It’s really dragging down my motivation to write. I have to push myself to get anything done – simply writing this post takes a ridiculous amount of effort.

I know depression can make people want to sleep all the time. I always assumed that was more of an emotional response and wanting to escape the feeling of depression. Now, I’m wondering if it’s more physiological. Or if this is something else entirely.

Time to message my doctor, I guess. Although it also feels weird to ask a doctor about feeling tired. Oh well. Let’s hope it goes away soon – I have too much work to do to be sleeping random hours away.

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