Writing Hours: Are Yours the Same All Year?

I’m debating switching my writing hours up for the summer. Why? Well, there’s all this sunlight that wasn’t there before. 😋 Smart-aleckery aside, that is actually the reason. I started keeping regular writing hours last winter. As such, it made sense to work early in the morning. I could avoid distractions, and if it meant … More Writing Hours: Are Yours the Same All Year?

Keeping Depression from Driving

Depression isn’t satisfied with riding shotgun, and while it’s one of the worst back-seat-drivers I’ve ever encountered, that’s still better from letting it have the wheel. Unfortunately, keeping depression from driving isn’t easy. 8 Tactics to Control or Reduce Depression (for Me) I haven’t found any long-term solutions so far (nothing that cures it forever … More Keeping Depression from Driving

Using Other Senses, Especially Hearing and Smell

My writing is heavily tilted towards the sense of sight (with the possible exception of certain scenes that make more use of touch). I’m bad about using other senses unless I specifically think about it. A writing teacher pointed that out to me years ago, and while I’ve tried to integrated other senses more, overall, … More Using Other Senses, Especially Hearing and Smell

City Decision

I’ve been debating whether to use a real city or whether to make one up for what feels like years. Since I can be really wishy-washy, I thought I might back and forth over which was best indefinitely. Then, I thought about recent years in that city and decided: I’m going to make one up. … More City Decision